A Ram of a Different Caliber

The all-new Ram ensures that 2015 will be a good year for truck drivers. The impending release of the Ram 1500 Rebel excites truck enthusiasts for a variety of reasons, which extend well past the iconic Ram's aesthetic makeover. The manufacturer also rolls out plenty of technological and mechanical advances. A close look at the vehicle rolling off the assembly line will give you a good idea of just how much the manufacturer is committed to this new incarnation of a truck classic.

Built to Compete
Dodge offers drivers a half-ton package that is wholly different from the Ram of the past on a variety of fronts. The most notable overhauled features are geared towards ruggedness and off-road capability. The 1500 Rebel is at its strongest when exploring the road less taken. The Rebel gives you an extremely-customized look and exists as a Ram model that is truly built to address the concerns of the purest of outdoor enthusiasts. It is designed with an eye on giving other 4x4 trucks a run for their money. The Rebel easily stands on its own in comparison to other popular trucks in its class such as the Nissan Titan and the Toyota Tundra.

The Specs at Work
Drivers first notice the standard crew-cab that Ram drivers have come to know and love. Diving deeper into the vehicle platform lets you discover the option for air suspension, which is built into all four corners of the vehicle. Buyers get nice options when it comes to the type of engine that they want powering their adventures as well. The choice is between a 5.7 liters Hemi V-8 and a Pentaster V-6 that is only available with the 4x4 model. The freedom continues when it comes the axle ratio for the V-8 engine. The choice is between a 3.2:1 or a 3.9:1 ratio. For the V-6, there is a standard 3.92:1 ratio for the road. In all cases, the ratio will be built to accompany the eight speed, ZF transmission.

Nearly a Total Transformation
The grille is the first visual element made to assault the senses in the new Rebel. Resting beneath a bulging hood, the molded grille is topped off with Ram lettering of a bold and considerable size. The front bumper undergoes some changes that address the utility of the vehicle as a whole. The new bumper shape allows for greater versatility when it comes to tow loops that are mounted on the frame. The redesigned bumper allows for better approach angles for dealing with tight spaces. The new Rebel also gives you the advantage of a powder-coated skid plate that protects part of the underside of the bumper while also extending the length of the vehicle below. In all, the new look is extraordinarily sporty, refined, and clean. Not all of the changes are on the front end, however. The truck uses flaring fenders and Open-Country tires from Toyo, an addition that comes exclusively with the Rebel package for Ram.
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